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How our platform increases productivity and drives more revenue

  • Less Office Stress

    Less Office Stress

    Appointments are booked without the phone ringing.

  • Less No Shows

    Less No Shows

    Your clients are automatically reminded right on their phone.

  • Less Interruptions

    Less Interruptions

    Your clients have all your business info so they don't need to call for it.

  • More Repeat Visits

    More Repeat Visits

    Clients request an appointment the moment they think of it.

  • More Clients

    More Clients

    Clients will share the app and talk about you with friends.

  • More Engagement

    More Engagement

    Clients manage their pet's daily life with an app featuring you.

  • Better Compliance

    Better Compliance

    We remind your clients when they need to come back in.

  • Better Customer Service

    Better Customer Service

    Personalized messaging to clients that makes them feel special.

  • Better Retention

    Better Retention

    Clients go back to the app instead of searching the next time around.

  • Fast Setup

    Fast Setup

    No waiting for app store review - live from day one.

  • Simple Distribution

    Simple Distribution

    Automated app distribution so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    Our cloud platform fits into your existing workflow.

  • choose your plan

  • Easily upload your client list and we handle the rest.Automated Client Import
  • Engage with your clients on a personal level with customized content and personalized messaging through email, text, and the app.Marketing Automation
  • Your clients can request an appointment, boarding stay, service, or prescription through the app, your website, and Facebook page.24/7 Client Requests
  • These are sent via email, text, and/or the app automatically for every appointment on our platform. They include reminders to show up and to book your next appointment.Platform Reminders
  • We pull in every upcoming appointment and schedule our Platform Reminders to send via email, text, and/or the app.Integrated Reminders
  • All those reminders you have set in your PIMS - like vaccines - will now go out to all customers with emails, text, and/or the app.Health Service Reminders
  • We'll send personalized postcards to your clients for their regular health services - powered by our partner SmartPractice.Post Card Reminders
  • Get your own SEO optimized website from our partner VetMatrix.Business Website
  • Get help managing everything from your social media to pay per click to video campaigns with our partner VetMatrix.Online Marketing Services
  • Get a wide range of IT services including cloud hosting and back ups of your PIMS server from our partners at Vetanium.Managed IT Services
  • Pay up front for a 12 month contract and we'll give you a big discount.Annual Billing
  • Standard

  • Requires a 3 month commitment.


    per month*

  • Monthly
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • $1,188 ($99/mo)
  • Pro

  • Requires a 3 month commitment.


    per month*

  • We are currently integrated with Advantage, Impromed, Infinity, Intravet, Intravet SQL, Cornerstone, AviMark, AviMark SQL, DVMax, DVM Manager, V-tech Platinum, and Via+.Full PIMS Integration
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • $1,908 ($159/mo)

Why Our Customers are Buying

Case studies after 3 months on PetPartner



Market Street Vet Clinic

Market Street Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve the San Diego, CA area for everything pet related. The clinic has a website and online pet portal but joined PetPartner to extend their customer service to mobile.

  • Problem - 11% No Show Rate

  • Pain - $126,768 Lost per year

  • App Benefit - 10% reduction in No Show Rate

  • Joy - $11,532 saved per year



Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe is a chic and retro grooming salon and pet boutique in Hillcrest, San Diego. The shoppe provides a unique and extravagant experience and joined PetPartner to extend that unique customer experience to clients’ smartphones.

  • Problem - Clients delay booking by 1 week

  • Pain - $12,664 Lost per month

  • App Benefit - 1 day earlier bookings

  • Joy – $1,809 more each month

What Our Customers are Saying

We Take Customer Service Very Seriously

We have multiple businesses under one roof and so we get a lot of calls every day. For a small percentage of our advertising budget I get a more relaxed staff and happier clients. Thanks PetPartner!
Janelle Baker
Janelle Baker
Practice Manager of McKinney Animal Hospital
My clients at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe love the ease of booking an appointment with us through the Pet Partner app! Brilliant! Makes my life so much easier and my clients love it!
Miss Michelle
Miss Michelle
Owner of Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe
The PetPartner Platform is super easy to use - we had no trouble training our overnight staff - and our clients love it!
Jasmine Alexandria Rivera
Jasmine Alexandria Rivera
Manager of Furry Tales Doggy Day Care

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